Sunday, July 26, 2009

VTEC - Kenali akronim kereta

Torque - You probably learned this in secondary school physics as “daya kilasan”. It is the force that makes the car move. A car with a high torque engine will not feel strained, thus providing a more responsive and relaxing drive.

Displacement - Measured in litres or cubic centimetres (cc), displacement is the technical term for the ‘size’ of an engine. Normally the higher the displacement, the higher the torque.

RPM (revolutions per minute, or revs) - This is engine speed, which means how many times the engine turns per minute. For a nippy and responsive car, look out for a car with higher torque at a lower engine speed.

Horsepower - a measure of the maximum power produced by a car. It is related to torque via a mathematical formula - the higher your torque at a given engine speed, the higher your horsepower.

VTEC - Variable Timing & lift, Electronically Controlled. This is a feature used in the late 80’s to late 90’s by Honda Motor Co. It allowed switching of cam lobes and ignition at a certain engine speed to increase power and torque while maintaining fuel economy and refinement.

i-VTEC - A modern improvement over VTEC which adds more control over the valves. It provides better performance while being fuel efficient at the same time.

CVT - Continuously Variable Transmission. A gearbox system with no “gears”. It allows infinitely variable gear ratios because it uses variable belts instead of fixed gears for transmission.

ABS - Anti-lock Braking System. This prevents your brakes from locking up, allowing you to safely steer your car around the object you are avoiding during hard braking.

CKD - Completely Knocked Down, cars which are brought into the country in the form of kits. The kits are assembled locally.

CBU - Completely Built up, cars which are imported in whole fully assembled from another country.

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