Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bagaimana kami boleh membantu anda melalui PruBSN ProtectPlus dan PruBSN Crisis Cover

If you want... We give you... PruBSN Protect PruBSN Protect PLus
A plan that will last long enough to ensure your loved ones are adequately protected Coverage againts lose of life until you are 80 years old.

A plan that will last long enough Coverage againts total and permanent disability until you are 70 years old.

Protection for your little one's Protection for your child from as early as 30 days old.

To continue protecting your child in his/her adulthood Abilty to convert your child's coverage to an adult plan upon his/her 19 birthday.

An affordable protection plan Value-for-money plan according to your budget.

A hassle-free sign-up process Automatic acceptance for a certain level of coverage.

Option to enhance yor protection level Additional benefits to protect you againts accidental mishaps and additional benefits to protect your income.

An inflation-proof financial plan Automatic increase in the amaount of your coverage in every three years.

A plan that does not require you to pay more over the years The same amount of contribution throughout the duration of your coverage.


The following chart illustrates the increasing sum covered scenario with PruBSN Protect Plus.

To cover you againts accidental mishaps

Accidental Death and Disablement (ADD) Provide your family with cash if you lose your life and cash for you if you become disabled due to accident.

Accidental Medical Reimbursement (AMR) Get cash reimbursement for youjr medical expenses if you are being treated for an accident.

Weekly Indemnity (WI) Get weekly income during your temporary disabilty because of accident.

Please note that AMR and WI need to be taken up in conjunction with ADD.

To cover you againts lose of income

Family Income Benefit Provides your loved ones amonthly income if you lose your life, get diagnosed with a critical illness or become totally and permanently disabled.

Contributor Assist to pay for your future contribution if you diagnosed with a critical illness.

Spouse Contributor Pays for your future regular contribution if your spouse:
- passes away, or
- get diagnosed with a critical illness, or
- becomes totally and permanently disabled.

Parent Contributor 
(only applicable if the covered person is below 19 years old at entry)
Pays for future regular contribution if a parent:
- passes away, or
- get diagnosed with a critical illness, or
- becomes totally and permanently disabled.

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