Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to make long distance relationship works - a few ways

define your relationship for you.
it helps to know how much you value the bond between you and your partner. This also helps is finding out if the relationship really worth the fight. Defining system also helps in knowing the status of your relationship is, are you just friends? Is there any intimate connection? or are you serious lovers?

being honest with your partner. 
Make sure you and your partner discuss everything, even thing that he or she can not help in. be honest about what all you did during your day or week, let them know when you are feeling helpless because of no physical or emotional support. If you really love this guy or gal you must be honest about your very feeling and thoughts, let him/her know about your friend circle, all the people you met and talk to. Remember being open about your relationship does helps a lot.

only major tool that can help you stay close to your partner when staying away from each other is the long phone talks or emails. Make sure that you talk to each other on regular basis and apart from phone calls, you also share emails. Write in your experience, about your day to day account, your feelings and more. Sharing experience and feelings through mails would build an additional bridge between you two.

Be encouraging and supportive of your partner 
by asking things like how is the work going on or how was the day or how is the family. Listen to your partner without interrupting them, give a response and then share about your side of life. This whole encouraging communication lets you and your partner know the importance of the bond you share.

you just can’t expect your partner to pick all your calls or to be there to listen to you when you are I a bad-day mood. Remember when you are in long distance relationships, communication gaps can be real problem and especially when you are having a hard time.
If you are committed and have the patience to face the challenges of long distance relationship, the only other thing you need is self-control and perseverance.

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