Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch

  • Pros
    An SD slot and extra USB port fill an important void. Stunningly beautiful design. Bigger battery resulted in almost twice as much battery life as its predecessor. Higher resolution increases the value of the 13-inch screen. Best clickpad implementation, period. Lightest in its class. Zippy wake-from-sleep times. Excellent graphics horsepower.
  • Cons Pricey. Starting memory configuration only 2GB rather than 4GB. Intel Core 2 Duo processor based on two-year-old technology.
  • Bottom Line
    The SD slot, extra USB, and a staggering increase in battery life make the Apple MacBook Air 13-inch a strong contender in the ultraportable space.

    After all, Steve Jobs called the latest MacBook Air, "the future of MacBooks." The 13-inch version adds an extra USB port and an SD slot—features it desperately needed to compete as a laptop. It completely transitions to flash storage (SSDs), which, in addition to enabling the Air's zippy wake-from-sleep times, made room for a bigger 50Wh battery and its over 5 hours of battery life. But for those who complained about the MacBook Air's steep prices, they'll be complaining for a while longer." ...by 
    Cisco Cheng
    Lead Analyst, Laptops and Tablet PCs

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