Thursday, February 24, 2011

Islamic Product - Takafulink from Prudential BSN Takaful

Takaful concept : - mutual assistance concept based on the principles of shared responsibility,cooperation and common interest.Each participant contributes on the basis of donation (Tabarru') into a fund that will used to support each other in times of need.

Our life have to change with the time commits for nowadays..As needs change, so do the priorities.The increasing of inflation, consumering products, health services and so on will getting us into a financial problems..So we have to do the financial arrangements to change in response to life's changing priorities..

In Prudential BSN's (PruBSN) Takafulink ( shariah compliant investment-linked family takaful plan) is designed to overcome life's uncertainties by putting you in control of your life with total flexibility.We believes that our services is to add up your life's value (top-up value) through our protection and investments.

Takafulink's flexibility plan.
  • Vary the amount of Takaful protection for death and disability without affecting the contribution
  • Enhance your Takaful coverage by adding critical illness,accidental,medical,disability and other supplementary benefits.
  • Build-up a healthy retirement fund by choosing any of the Shariah-approved Takafulink funds that yield a potentially higher return than a bank's saving account over the long term.
  • You may switch your investment between Shariah-approved Takafulink fund at any time.The minimum amount that can be switch is RM 1,000 ( 1k).
  • Make withdrawals to meet your changing needs at any time.The minimum withdrawal is RM 500. It is available provided the value of remaining units is at least RM 1,000.
  • This certificate may qualified you up to RM 7,000 individual tax relief a year. 

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