Sunday, April 19, 2009


Get the best out of life with good health and experience a carefree life when you stop smoking. If you stop smoking right now, your heart rate will drop and the gases that are toxic in your blood will drop to normal. Lung functions increases in two to three weeks and in 1-9 months coughing and shortness of breath decreases when you stop smoking. In years to come, you can avoid major health issues like lung cancer, heart disease and strokes. Stay away from smoking and if you are not already subject to these dreaded diseases, think twice before lighting up that cancer stick. I urges you to give up smoking and enjoy all the exciting things in life. If the harmful diseases caused by smoking strike, then there is no turning back and even if one had money and riches, they cannot help in a situation like this. The heartache of suffering from a smoking-related disease would be that you can see how one’s loved ones would agonize when they know you are not going to be with them for long.


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Ni kempen untuk "ambo tokse rokok"..
Tuan Guru suh wat lagu tu..hehe
Saya mmg non-smoker..

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