Thursday, May 21, 2009

My name is Kim San..

Arini nak just nk ngomel ttg citer korea skit..tajuk dia..Nama aku Kim-San

Cast:Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon, Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon, Jung Ryu Won as Yoo Hee-jin, Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim


For all average girls in the world...According to a research, 73% of Korean women believe that they are fat. That’s seven out of ten. Our lead character Kim Sam-Soon is not an exception. She just gained 7kg after having her heart broken.She is a 29-year-old single who has an average life. She didn’t go to college. She doesn’t have her own apartment or a car. She doesn’t have a boyfriend.

Although she has baker’s license, she got fired last Christmas Eve. She is one of us.Women like her dream of romance that happens only in the movies, but they also know that it won’t happen to them. They believe that they’ll be happy as single if they love their work. Many of them dream of traveling the world for their whole lives. Sometimes they flutter when younger men try to flirt with them. They begin to feel pressured because they are afraid of aging. They still dream of something big happening though, something that will awake their forgotten dreams.

A Romantic Comedy Full of TastesThe drama is full of interesting and attractive characters. All characters have unique personalities and intriguing traits.The plot of the drama is simple. But it has something for everyone. You will be able to relate to some characters in the story. They get their heart broken, get over their unsuccessful romance and move on. They work, get stressed, laugh and cry. They seek comfort and treat their emotional wounds.source:


layan je haiiihh..sesuai gak dgn org berumur pertengahan cam aku..Ngeeeeh..ngehhh..adakah ini trend monogami N3 saya citer ..k..


miss lolly a.k.a luvfareda said...


membe ckp cite nih beshh.

fuyoooo layan gak ae bang uxop citer2 camnih?

Unknown said...

utk pengetahuan Lol..abg uxop mmg layanzz citer2 tema loving2,eksen dan genrehumour..... fuyoo.
cumaa bab cintan-cintun tu kekdang kuar gak air mata bila kekasih mati / bila mereka tak dapat kawen..malu aihh nak citer..huuhuu

hanis said...

cam best jek..
nak pinjam buleh..

Unknown said...

Citernya kira sesuai dan best dgn kita..ia mcm yg dialami muda-mudi skang dlm dunia sebenor..
Nak pinjam ek..meh address tu..nnti jgn ngorat abg posmen dh ler..ekeekee

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